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Create a brand people are obsessed with


Stick a rocket up your brand and learn how to tell your story with the right strategy and messaging - so you can make your business feel human and connect with your ideal customers.


You have a website, social media, emails… But there’s something missing.


That thing that ties everything together.


When you’re writing copy for your business, your tone of voice is erratic and your messaging is muddled.


You want to make sure you have amazing copy everywhere, so you write your web pages, post on Facebook and send your emails.


Only… Now you have three different personalities and identities on different platforms.


What now? What gives?

VIP Intensive

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It’s time to differentiate and refine your brand by sharing who you are, what you do and why it matters. And as a brand copywriter, I believe every business should have an authentic and recognisable personality that brings it to life. 


Here’s why you should get to grips with your brand voice and messaging…


  • It gives you a north star to follow for all your marketing touch points, making everything consistent = a better experience for your audience at every step

  • So you’re not left scratching your head about how and what you should write, saving you time that could be better spent doing the things you really wanna be doing

  • Your brand becomes more real to your target market, building your credibility and enhancing your customer lifetime value


It’s time to communicate what you’re all about, so you attract the right customers and keep them coming back for more of your mega-brilliant-brand-goodness.

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Turn your audience into SUPERFANS through an emotional connection. The best part? They’ll promote and rave about your brand for free, longtime.



We’ll kick things off with a discovery call over a coffee (or tea, in my case). This is your space to share with me what you offer, your frustrations with your brand and your ideas, and I’ll tell you the most effective way you can get the biggest bang for your buck during your VIP experience. I’ll also send you a fun questionnaire that digs deep into your brand. After you’ve completed it, you can sit back while I do my thing. 




This bit is all me. I spend 3 days hyper-focused on your brand - this involves lots of strategy, planning and writing. The juicy stuff *chef’s kiss*. (If I need you, I’ll drop you a quick email.)




By the end of the Intensive, you’ll have a tailored-to-you deliverable, shiny and ready for you to go. We’ll tie things up with a call/Zoom to discuss what I’ve created for you and I’ll answer all your questions.

How does it work?

Let’s say goodbye to wishy-washy, mixed-messaging and unleash your true brand personality, so you can set your business up for success.

What if you could get all of this…


All wrapped up into one mega VIP experience?




Maybe you’ve already got a good idea of how you want your business to be perceived, or maybe you’re struggling with the direction you’d like to take things…


And you know you need an expert to get this nailed for you, but you’ve got a limited budget…

Say hello to my

VIP Intensive

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This is where you work with me 1-1 and get to borrow my brain when you’re feeling stuck and uninspired with your brand and how it comes across.


You’ll get my 100% attention and I’ll give you an actionable strategy, copy, or both(!) for you to move forward with your business. 

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How much is the investment?


£1495 for a VIP Intensive (and yes, you can absolutely opt for an interest-free payment plan!)


What will I get?


This is a completely bespoke service, and I’ll make sure you get what will have the biggest impact on your brand, based on what we discuss in our initial discovery call.


This could look like:

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A strategy for an upcoming campaign/rebrand

Message and copy refinement to breathe a breath of fresh air into your website 


A custom brand messaging strategy to focus and align your values and goals 

A tailored-to-you brand summary, including a brand mission, tagline, personality, brand archetype mix and brand essence

You’ll get to know my signature approach to writing incredible copy and how it ties in with creating an engaging brand experience.


You’ll also walk away with a recording of our call together, so there’s no need to be furiously scribbling away as we chat.

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My Big Promise


The VIP experience guarantees:


  • My 100% full attention - just me and your brand

  • Proven copywriting formulas and techniques

  • Work I’m super proud of - every.single.time 

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"Holly really ‘got’ my branding and created some pretty awesome content for my most used platforms. Her concepts were fresh and she helped to give my brand the edge I was looking for. Exceeded expectations!"

- Gaming Streamer & Content Creator