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The Brand Copywriter
& Creative Strategist


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Bring your brand to life

What makes you weird? I’ll tap into it so you can stand out and metamorphose into the brand you’ve always wanted to be.


Be part of my crusade to reinvigorate the way businesses speak to humans. I’m talkin’ about that magical, feel-good connection that makes people develop a serious crush on your brand.


A brand isn’t a logo. It isn’t a company name. A brand comes alive in the heads and hearts of its audience… It’s how a business is perceived by the people who experience it. 

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Your brand personality is a big massive factor in how people see you *taps screen*


It’s what makes you edgy/approachable/whimsical/earthy… Whatever feels authentic to you. 


The right words and messaging will connect with your dream customers so your brand becomes real and recognisable to them.

Did somebody say ‘iconic’?

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Hey, I'm Holly

Copywriting master and creative brand strategist for business owners who want to refresh and redefine their brand. I’m on a quest to change how businesses talk to people - unlocking their voice and having a bigger impact.

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* I believe every business has an authentic personality ready to be set free into the wild *
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Work with me



Picture it: 


* Your website has crystal-clear messaging that tells your audience who you are, what you do and why it matters. 

* The copy sounds just like you (not just another bland snooze-fest that sounds like everyone else)

* Mo’ fans, less problems (did you hear that? Sounds like a wallet unclasping…)


VIP Intensive

Climb into my head and access my brain. Yep! Your VIP experience is a completely bespoke intensive service where you’ll be my absolute #1 priority. Working 1-1, I’ll give you an actionable strategy, copy (or both!) when you’re feeling uninspired with your brand and want to move it forward.

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You guys make me blush…

“Holly was amazing to work with. She managed to capture my personality through her writing and above all took all my stress away. Holly listened to what I wanted and made the copy come to life”.

- Rebecca Lawrie, Raising Little Ones

Whaaaat? A freebie, you say?

Pop your name and email in the boxes over there and I’ll send you my 10 toppest copywriting tips for biz owners. You might get some other paper aeroplanes landing in your inbox from time to time, too.

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Good choice 😉